Marcus turned back to the window that overlooked the now sleeping beauty and smiled. “She’s perfect,” he said in a way a proud father would say of his own child.

“She’s alive?”

“Yes,” Marcus chuckled, hearing another sigh of relief come from the young man. “She’s a little dehydrated, malnourished and more than likely wondering about her parents, but she’s perfect.”

“Oh tha- thank god,” Frankie mumbled, dropping his head and letting the tears flow freely from his eyes. “Thank God!”

“Frankie, what’s wrong?” Cassandra asked. She hadn’t taken her eyes off him since he answered his phone and walked out the room in a rush and was glad she hadn’t because nobody would have noticed that he was no longer standing and damn near hardly breathing. “Frankie, is it…” Her hands flew over her mouth when he looked up with tears in his eyes. “They found her? Is she… Is she alive,” she asked in a whispering tone. Too afraid to say what could be the truth aloud.

After getting over the initial shock, Frankie hurriedly came to his feet. “She’s okay. She’s at St. Michael’s,” he rambled. “She’s okay!”

“Oh my god!” She yelped, dropping her hands only to bring them back over her mouth to resist the urge to scream and jump around. “Are they bringing her here? Do we need to go get her? What do we do?”

“Uh… I don’t know. Dad probably has to… Crap!” He hissed, finally remembering what was about to go down with his dad and the guy that was responsible for all the pain caused to the Hubbard Family. “Stay with mom!” He urged, before taking off down the hall.


“Are you sure she’s in there?” Kevin asked as he and Scottie stood by a room where the curtains were pulled closed as well as the door.

Scottie cleared his throat and with the straightest face he could muster up, nodded. “Yea. They haven’t moved her yet, but they are getting ready too. So I suggest you hurry up.” To make it seem more convincing, Scottie looked up and down the hall. “I overheard Dr. Martin telling a couple of orderlies to get ready for movement.”

Kevin looked up and down the hall as well before giving him a quick nod. “If they show up knock on the window and don’t be an idiot and get caught like your ole pal Ace,” he hinted and without another word slowly slid the door open and went inside.

Scottie waited long enough for the door to close before making his way to the nearest exit. He was about to try and high tail it up out of PV before the shit hit the fan. But as soon as he sprinted through the emergency staircase door he was being pulled into a head lock. He tried to fight it, tried to escape, but he was no match for the big guy holding him. “And just pray tell where the hell do you think you’re going?” Jacob asked, before flipping him onto his back and standing over him with the gun Jesse had one of the guys give him to him.

“Man, come on. I got you the guy, you can let me go!” He begged, holding his hands over here face in fear. “I’ve done my part. I’m finished!”

“Ah-aaa, your part is just beginning son!”

The two cops that’d been waiting with Jacob came from their hiding spots and jerked Scottie up from the floor. “You’re under arrest!”

“What?! No man! He said I wasn’t!” He cried.

Back inside the room, Kevin slid the curtain to the side and stared at the gurney that held Angie’s body or so he thought. “What did he do to you Angie,” he mumbled, wanting to reach out and touch her. Wanting to kiss her, hold her, bring her back and take her away from the monster he knew was responsible for all of this. In his mind he did nothing wrong. In his mind and in his heart he was trying to protect her from the man he knew Jesse was. “I can’t believe Jesse did this to you… I can’t!”

“When did your name change to Jesse,” a deep voice asked from behind. “I guess Detective/Dr. Samuel Morrison, Dr. Kevin Starks just wasn’t enough, huh?”

Kevin became stiff as a board.

“You know I would prefer if you turned and faced me like a man,” Jesse said calmly yet every word spewing poisonous venom.

“Oh!” Kevin chuckled, slowly turning around. “You mean like that facing you did 20years ago to Papal?” He smirked. “Jesse Hubbard, you’re no more a man than a cat is a dog! God should be disappointed in the creation of you!” He barked.

Those words would have probably gotten to anybody else, but to Jesse it only fueled his fire. “But I bet Angie wanted this man and not some baby thieving, psychopathic, son of a b*tch like you!”

“Why you little—” Kevin lunged for Jesse and it was then Jesse threw up his hands and effortlessly slammed him on the ground like he would do any perks that tried to grow balls and fight him. “Let me go! Fight me like a real man!”

“A real man would be able to get up from the floor without any problems,” Jesse hinted. “Where’s my daughter?” He asked in a growl.

“You better get off of me!” Kevin yelled, trying but failing to get Jesse off of him.

The sad part about the whole thing was Jesse wasn’t really putting all of his weight on the guy, just half. “Tell me where my child is and I just might think about not making you unrecognizable,” he hinted. “So not only do you like snatching babies, you like threatening women too? Like to try and rape them?” He asked. “Just what kind of man do you think Angie deserves or wants?”

“Nobody like you that’s for damn sure!” Kevin spat, still trying to fight him off.

“Right! I may not be the man Angie deserves, may not have always done right by her, but one thing I have never done was intentionally hurt her,” Jesse hinted.

“I never intentionally hurt her! I love her! I’m in love with her and if you will get it through your thick head you will see she feels the same way about me! She was just with you because she felt sorry for you.”

A/N: Whoa! Ole dude is truly nuts!


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