Part. 40

It was a reunion like no other. After Angie and Jesse spent more than an hour kissing and hugging their precious baby, the rest of the family came in and gushed over how wonderful it was to have her back. Not long after that every friend of the Hubbard’s showed up at the hospital bearing gifts and congratulation’s to the family. During that time it was discovered that someone leaked to the press that Baby Hubbard had been found and where she now was. Every reporter that’d been posted at PVH had now moved on to St. Michael’s.

But that was the very last thing on everybody in Angie’s room mind. “Tell me, did you miss me?” Tad teased as he held her close to him and rocked her side to side. “Did you miss ole Uncle Thaddeus?”

Ellie flailed her arms and let out a loud shriek, earning laughs from those assembled in the room. “Guess that was a yes,” Angie giggled, getting more situated in the bed. Once Jake arrived at the hospital he urged Angie to let them admit her. Just to be on the safe side. She agreed, but under one condition, Ellie never left her side. Not even for a minute. Whatever test they needed to run would be done with Angie and Jesse right there. Knowing once Angie’s mind was made there was no changing it, Jake and the doctor being placed on her case had no choice but to grant her wish or more like command.

“Angie, she looks like a younger version of you,” Jake complimented. “Jesse, Frankie, Tad it looks like we’re going to have to get the guns out and polished!” Jake teased, not knowing the full story of what truly happened in the room. The only thing he knew was the guy had been killed.

The women laughed, but the men stayed quiet. “Come on guys, he was just teasing,” Randi said, seeing how uptight the guys had suddenly became. Especially Jesse.

“Uh yea… We know,” Frankie replied with a chuckle. “It’s just right now we don’t want to even began to think about any kind of drama,” he concluded.

“Yea, he’s right,” Jesse jumped in as he took his wife’s hand and kissed it. “This family has been through a lot already. It’s probably best if we just… just relax, chill out, breathe for awhile. You know?” He too concluded, hoping his wild emotions didn’t come through as he spoke and held his wife. “Right baby?” He asked, looking down at her.

Angie picked her head up and nodded. She was so wrapped up in all the excitement that she couldn’t hear her gut telling her that something was up. Or maybe she heard it, but chose to ignore it. Like Franklin and Jesse said, the family had been through enough. They just needed to relax and be a family again. Be one again.

“I love you,” Jesse said as he dropped his head and nuzzled he and Angie’s nose together. “So much.”

Smiling like a high school girl being kissed by her crush, Angie closed her eyes and sighed. “I love you too.”

With that being said and the pact being made that for the time being they would just live in the now and not in the past, the family and friends continued to celebrate. Celebrated until eventually the nurse came in and told them that visiting hours were long over. Majority of the Hubbard crew huffed, puffed and complained, but when Jesse spoke up all of it ceased. “She’s right. Not only about the visiting hours, but Angela and Ellie need their rest. A lot has happened and I’m sure they both, including myself need to just chill out for a night or two,” he concluded as he looked back toward his wife who was out like a light.

Tad and many others nodded and soon started getting their things together. “Yea, alright, just promise us if you need or want anything you’ll call? We may be some miles away, but we won’t hesitate to hop back in our vehicles and come back out here,” Tad spoke.

“You have my word,” Jesse promised as he held his right hand up and soon one by one hugged and thanked everybody for being there with them and for them during that time. “I would normally walk you out, but I do—,” he started to explain only to have Frankie stop him.

Standing and easing Ellie into Jesse’s arms. “We know, pops. Besides, I think we can get out of here without your help,” he teased.

“Alright and please let me know when you make it home. You know your mother is going to ask that question the minute she wakes up.”

“Ayie Chief,” he teasingly saluted and after giving his father a hug, his little sister and mother a kiss on the forehead he left with the rest.

Jesse waited a couple of minutes before he sat down in the chair near the window with his little girl in his arms. “I bet you thought they’d never leave, huh,” he teased, kissing her cheeks. “I’ve missed you. Missed you so much,” he whispered as she grabbed his pinky and squeezed it.

“Aaaaa!” Ellie squealed, snuggling closer to him. If at all possible she would have become a second skin for him she was so close and trying to get even closer. She missed her daddy just as much if not more than he missed her.

“Ellie,” he sighed, kissing her hand. “I promise you I will never ever let anything bad happen to you ever again,” he vowed, dropping his head and planting his heart shape lips on her forehead. Seconds later tears began to fall from his eyes. He’d never been so afraid in his life. Never!


Days later, actually the exact night before the girls were to be released, a doctor rushed into the room. “What’s wrong?” He asked, trying to hold Angie still so he could check her out. “What happened, Jesse? Frankie?”

“I don’t know. One minute she was talking and laughing and the next she was crying out in pain,” Frankie explained.

“What’s going on? Why is she in pain? I thought she was fine,” he panicked. “I thought what happened before was over and done with. What’s the problem now?”

Not sure of how to answer Jesse’s questions just yet, Dr. Boone turned his focus back on Angie. “Can you tell me where the pain is? The exact spot,” he urged, as a nurse rushed in and switched out the water bag with a morphine bag.

“My head,” she mumbled. “Behind my eyes.”

“Describe it.”

Covering her eyes and wishing she could cover her ears, Angie began to take slow steady breaths. “Throbbing pain. Stinging,” was the best she could come up with. It was a struggle from both the doctor and Angie, but finally he managed to pry her eyes open only to have her slam them shut. “The light… The light makes it worse,” she cried.

“Frankie, take the baby out of here. But don’t go far,” Jesse ordered, as he slid the baby into her big brother’s arms and went over to his wife.

“Move her, please,” Angie whimpered as well. Even though she was in a great deal of pain the last thing she wanted was for her baby to become shaken up even more by having to hear her cry, moan and groan.

Cowering over Angie he pried her eyes open again and this time succeeded in keeping them open long enough to check them out.

Tears began to spring from Angie’s eyes as she took hold of her husband’s hand and held it tight. “It’s okay, baby. I’m right here,” he whispered, ignoring the pain in his hand and focusing on the fact that his wife was suffering.

“Angie, can you see this light?” Dr. Boone asked, knowing that Angie had been legally blind for nearly a year now and from what he read the chances of her ever getting her sight back was very slime to none. But the fact that her eyes were suddenly starting to react to the light just showed him that… Well hell he didn’t even know.

“Why are you asking her that?” Jesse fussed, figuring this guy was trying to be funny or something. “She’s—“

Ignoring Jesse, he asked yet again. “Angie, can you see this light?”

Though it came out in a whisper/whimper, Angie replied. “Ye… Yes.”

AN: What?!?!?!?! Did she just say yes or are your eyes deceiving you?!?! Stay tuned!


5 responses to “Part. 40

  1. Oh my goodness, this was amazing. Couldn’t have come at a better time with AMC on the reboot. This story is too real I can picture and feel what they are going through. I’m glad Ellie is safe and the family and friends are together celebrating. Most of all Angie’s getting her sight back, yaaay, yes, this gonna be good. As always Ms Ro, you’ve outdone yourself, keep it up. Thanks!!! :):):)

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