Part. 13

“Angie’s asking for a what?!” Tad bellowed as he snatched up the papers and looked them over.

Jesse slowly closed the door and headed toward his couch. “Damn,” he mumbled, dropping his head and covering his eyes. “Damnit!”

“Jesse, we can handle this. We will get this under control,” Jake promised, standing next to his brother and looking over the papers as well.

“How?” Jesse asked. “How in the hell can we handle this, control this!?” He fussed, jumping to his feet and pacing. “Nobody has seen or heard from her in two weeks. Two weeks! Just how can we make this go away when we can’t even find her. Hell talk to her!” He continued to fuss. “I know I messed up. I know I messed up big time, but to go this far. To take it to the lawyers as if our love meant nothing?!”

“Jesse, you did tell her you blamed her for Ellie’s death. Love or no love thoughts and words like that cut deep. And for you to say it to Angie who is already dealing with enough, it messes up the insides,” Jake explained.

“I didn’t mean any of that!”

“So why did you say it?”

Jesse shook his head. “I was drunk. I was hurt. She knows that!”

“Or you thought. Jesse, Angie’s a strong woman. Stronger than most of the women here in Pine Valley but when you go so far as to say that she killed her own child, you break down every defense that she has!”

Tad stepped in the invisible ring that was being created thanks to the heat generating from both men and spoke. “Look, we’re not getting anywhere by standing here and arguing. What we need to do is—“

“Get out,” Jesse interrupted.


“What you need to do is get out and leave me the hell alone,” he replied.

“We’re trying to help,” Tad offered

“Help? Okay, well can you help me by telling me where my wife is? Can you help me talk to her?” Jesse pleaded.

Tad stared at his friend and the look in his eyes was getting to him because he hated seeing his best friend like this. He hated for him to hurt the way that he was. But then Angie’s plea and the look on her face three weeks ago when Jesse himself pretty much put Ellie’s death on her, came to mind. Neither of them deserved this pain. Neither of them deserved the hell they were going through. But… Who are you more afraid of? He asked himself. “Jesse,” Tad tried again, having already made up his mind.

“No! Can you help me find her? Can you tell me where she is?”

Yes he could, but he wasn’t about to betray Angie. Not when everything that he’d been through she’d been his rock. “I can try,” he just simply said.

“That’s not good enough. Leave,” Jesse fussed yet again as he pointed to the door. “Get the hell out!!”


Elsewhere in Pine Valley, Frankie and Randi sat around a table in silence. After not hearing from his mother for three weeks Frankie was on the edge of going off of a cliff! He was hardly getting any sleep, hardly even ate. A part of him had a feeling that she was okay and what-not, but the other part wouldn’t let him rest until he at least heard from her.

“Frankie, have you heard a word I said?” Randi fussed when she realized that for the past 10mins she’d been talking to herself. “Frankie!”

Jumping at the outburst, Frankie’s arm fell and knocked over a glass full of sprite. The contents spilled right into Randi’s lap.

“What the hell!” She yelped, jumping from her seat as if to keep the cool liquid from soaking through her clothes. “What is wrong with you?” She fussed. grabbing napkins and trying to wipe herself.

Frankie jumped up and attempted to help, but was rewarded with a hand slap from his wife. “I’m sorry. Really, I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Right, just like you didn’t mean to ignore me just now,” she hissed, gesturing to a waiter to bring more napkins.

“Randi, baby… I’m sorry,” he repeated, going to help her again only to be waved off.

“Oh leave me alone,” she barked, slapping her hands against her wet clothing and after a minute of huffing and puffing grabbed her things to storm out only to be stopped. Frankie grabbed her arm and swung her back toward him.

“I said I was sorry Randi. Really, I am,” he started. “I just… I just have a lot on my mind right now and I can’t… I can’t focus on anything else,” he explained. He stared at her before letting her go and reaching up to massage the back of his neck. “I’m sorry about everything,” he sighed.

Randi’s frown fell and a look of worry replaced it. “No, I’m sorry. I know you’re worried about Angie and your father and—“

“I’m not worried about him. Just my mother,” he corrected, moving away from the table so the waiter could clean up the mess and he could further help his wife clean up.

“Frankie, he’s still your father,” Randi replied. “I know you don’t agree with what he did, neither do I, but he’s still family and we need to be there for him. Now more than ever.”

Frankie shook his head. “How can I be there for him when I can’t get over my hate for him?” He asked. “I mean, the man hurt my mother and I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive him… At least not in this life time,” he scoffed.

“Maybe this will change your mind,” somebody said from behind them.

The couple turned and looked up to see Tad. Frankie frowned a bit. “Nothing will change my mind,” he replied.

Tad sighed and after a few passing moments spoke. “Your mother filed for a divorce.”

“Oh my god!” Randi yelped. “How… When?”

“Jackson dropped the papers off just a little while ago. Frankie, he needs you.”

“I told you… Nothing will change my mind and I mean just that… Nothing!”


2 responses to “Part. 13

  1. Omg! This was just as good as always. I don’t want Angie and Jesse to divorce but at the same time Jesse does need to pay for the way he’s treated Angie. Great work, well worth the wait! :):):)

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