Part. 16 {Page. 1}

During their walk around the park, Pat continued to fuss that she knew Angie wasn’t going to divorce Jesse. Angie continued to debate that she didn’t know what she was talking about. First of all her mother was higher than these Georgia Pines if she thought she wasn’t going to divorce Jesse. After all the bull he put her through! The more her broken heart played on her mind she felt the last thing she should have done was marry him yet again. But blinded by love and blinded by the fact that he was home, she let it go! But she should have been asking him why he ran, what all did he do while on the run. When the truth about Natalia came to the light, she should have asked why was it safe enough to play house with her and Rebecca and not come home to her and Frankie. Come home to where he truly belonged. And secondly, why did he feel he had to hide it? Hell, she had a life after him. She remarried multiple times and even though Cass was not hers biological she still had another child, another family. When she told him this, why hadn’t he fessed up? And most importantly, if Nat hadn’t come to Pine Valley would he have ever said anything? She told all of this to her mother and yet and still Pat was 100% sure that she and Jesse were never going to divorce.

“Ma, unlike you I’m not willing to sit around and wait for Jesse to change,” Angie had snapped. “I’m not about wait until somebody knocks on my door and tell me that my husband has killed someone or is suspected to be the head of a drug ring, child trafficking ring. I’m not!”

Pat was taken back, but held her own. “Your daddy and Jesse are two different men,” she explained. “Way different! Your father harmed people. Les got some sick pleasure from it! Jesse doesn’t get his jollies off doing anything close to what your father did. Yes, he lied to you. Lied to you about your baby, lied to you about his other family, running and hiding, but he did it for you.”

Angie was so sick of hearing that line. Protecting her! Taking care of her! “Oh don’t give me th—“

“No! Somebody needs too. You know from the moment you called me crying I was ready to kill Jesse myself. I wanted to hop on the first flight out and kick his ass, but I didn’t because as stupid and not fully thought out his plans were, he was protecting his family,” she fussed and before Angie could say anything, she started up again. “Be honest, had Jesse told you the day he returned that he had another daughter by another woman, would you have taken him back? Even though it was mistake? Would you have saw that him staying, risking to help take of his daughter was his way of trying to get himself right with the man upstairs because he couldn’t keep his promise to you and take care of you and Frankie? Would you have saw it as a guilt move?” She questioned. “Would you have blamed Jesse for the death of your daughter had he been up front? You said it yourself, you’d passed out and was out for a long amount of time according to Jesse. Would you have thought Jesse wished for that to happen? Would you have accused Jesse of doing something wrong because from the get-go he wasn’t okay with the pregnancy? Would have believed he killed the baby himself just to keep you from stressing because of your blindness? Angie, your child had just died and the only person who was there was Jesse, can you honestly say you wouldn’t have put the blame on him?” She asked. “Like I said before as wrong and not thought-out fully as it should have been, Jesse was only protecting you. Protecting himself!”

Several minutes had passed before Pat spoke again. Angie had been too shocked to say anything, let alone snap back at her mother. Hell she had nothing to snap back with. “Now, as I was saying before we started talking about Jesse. Frankie… Those kids have nothing to do with what you and Jesse are going through. And just like they need you… Angela, you need them. Especially Frankie.”

Pat knew this because she remembered the way Angie and Frankie were years ago. After Jesse left and no matter how many people entered their world, it had always been the two of them. During the good times they’d been there for each other. During the hard times, they were each other’s rock, shoulder, ear and hearts. No matter where they were, no matter if they’d just fought when something happened, when one needed the other they were always there. Their relationship rivaled majority of any other Mother and Son relationship.

“Call your son…” Pat’s words replayed in her mind over and over again. Not just what she said about Frankie, but also what was said about Jesse. Damn woman, she thought before pinching herself for thinking such a way about her mother.

“Here goes nothing,” she sighed, picking her phone up.


In Pine Valley, Frankie had just finished up with a surgery when he got a page asking for him to go to Hayward’s office. And it couldn’t have come at worse time, because among the list of people he had no time for David Hayward was one of them. He was actually batting for the number 1 spot. Spot that just so belonged to his father. Even though Jesse was his father he had absolutely no love, no respect for the man and all because of what he said and did. And the same when it came to David, because he just let his mother leave, didn’t beg her to stay or talk her into at least going to her son. He didn’t even clue him in on where she was going or where she was. “I bet you any kind of money he knows exactly where she is,” he remembered telling Cassandra after waking up to her in the living room crying because she missed their mother and wondered if she was alright.

Sighing deeply, Frankie went on up and all ready to light into the man’s ass he swung the door open. The words were on the tip of his tongue, but something told him to hold on. Something literally stopped him in his tracks.

“I hope I didn’t take you for your work,” David said.

“Uh… No, I just finished up,” he replied, still feeling weird. Feeling… Was he feeling some sort of comfort? Couldn’t be, could he?

Nodding, David picked up the phone he’d been on when Frankie first walked in and said a few words before pressing a button and putting it back down. “I had you come here, because you have a call waiting.”

Frankie’s blank stare turned into a frown. “You called me all the way up here to talk on the phone? You couldn’t have just forwarded it to me?” Frankie fussed, thinking David was being a complete and total ass. “Look, David, I’m not in the mood for your bull,” he spat, throwing his hands up. “I have enough crap going on my life right now.”

David had expected the back-lash, but did it emotionally touch him any, no way in hell. He still believed that even though Frankie was as hot-headed as his father, he was still smart as a whip and could see the potential in him. “Okay, so I guess should tell your mother you’re not in the mood for her bull,” David mocked. “That you have enough crap in your life to deal with her right now,” he snapped.

Raising a hand to say something smart, Frankie stopped it in mid-air. “My mother?” He asked. “What are you talking about?”

David gave him a knowing look before gesturing to the phone on his desk. “You can thank me later,” he replied with a smirk as he walked out the office to give him some privacy.

All but running to the phone, Frankie snatched it up. “Ma?” He asked, feeling as if he was being played.


“Momma?” He asked again when he heard breathing coming from the other line and the same feeling he felt walking in began to surround him again. He was feeling comfort. He was feeling as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. “Ma, are you okay?”


“Ma, please talk to me,” he nearly begged. “Are you okay? Where are you?”

A/N: Momma???!!!???!!!


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  1. Go head Pat that’s right girl you tell like it is, she shut Angie down and left her speechless, but Pat did have some valid points and she gave Angie something to think about. But why would Angie call David instead of calling Tad to speak to Frankie?

    did have some

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