Part. 17

Staring at the envelope he’d thrown on the kitchen table days ago, Jesse poured himself another glass of liquor. He’d been successful in drinking himself into a numb state, but for some reason today it just wasn’t working. If anything he was feeling more pain! He was reliving more memories and none of them were good.

“Where is she buried?” Angie had asked. “Where is my child?”

Jesse looked away from her intense stare and gulped. “I uh… She’s… She’s in a very secluded spot in the park. Nobody goes by there. Nobody knows about the spot,” he assured.

“But you do?” She asked.

“Not intentionally,” he quickly said. “Brot, told me ab—“

“Brot?” Angie asked with a little bass in her voice. Not once had Jesse told her that Brot knew about this as well, never once mentioned that this wasn’t just a secret between the two of them. “Brot knows about this? Brot knows where my child is?” She asked again as she stood up from the couch and put some much needed distance between them. “Who else knows, Jesse? Am I the only one that doesn’t know about this? Am I the only damn fool around here that doesn’t know the truth?”

“No! Nobody other than Brot knows. I swear,” he vowed, he too standing but never moving towards her. “Brot… Brot buried her.”

Gasping, Angie clutched her stomach and leaned against the counter. “He… No,” she mumbled, dropping her head. “Take me to her.”

“Angela, I don’t think—“

“That’s just it! I don’t want you to think, I don’t even want you to speak! I don’t even want to look at you! Hell, I’m coming to that point where I really don’t want you to breathe,” she fussed.

After taking Angie to where Ellie rested, she said she wanted to give her child a proper service, a proper burial. Jesse had begged her to do otherwise, not just for his sake of having to see it again, but for the sake of Angie who didn’t need to see it at all. But Angie had insisted, said she wouldn’t feel a peace, she wouldn’t feel that her daughter was at peace if she didn’t.

A light mist fell on the tent and the many black umbrellas of the people that were in attendance as the Hubbard family said goodbye to one of their own. One they should have been watching trying to roll around and speak gibberish. “On behalf of the Hubbard family…” The preacher began. The words he spoke fell on deaf ears as Jesse looked away and drew in his bottom lip in between his teeth, willing himself to not cry. This was not where he wanted to be. This was not where they were supposed to be.

As he looked around, trying to put his mind elsewhere than in this place and at this time, he thought about everything that led to this exact moment. How if it had not been for David giving Angie her sight back, had it not been for the mother and her son who knocked on their door, his wife wouldn’t have known. She wouldn’t have known that he led her to believe she was living this life she could only dream of. In the beginning it all seemed like the right thing to do, not only to protect his wife, but also give this innocent baby a home. He never once figured into the equation that he would be setting her up for an even bigger hurt. Set them both up for completely unbearable pain.

Suddenly, Jesse felt a shudder course through his hand and thrust up his shoulder, coming from his flashback, he looked over at his wife who was sitting beside him. “Come here,” he whispered, easing his hand from hers and wrapping a arm around her shuddering shoulders. Though he knew hate boiled deep in her veins for him she leaned into his embrace and let him do the only thing he could do at this moment. Hold her and be that support he promised he would always be.

“Jesse,” she whimpered into his chest, leading him to hold her tighter. The pain and grief in her voice made him ache even more, made him ache for the future and for the past. He wanted to go back and change the events of that night, hell the whole day, and do whatever he had to do to take the pain away. But he couldn’t…

He couldn’t, he thought opening his eyes and roughly wiping away the tears that had fallen. Damn it, he couldn’t and knowing this pained him and led him to throw back another swallow of the throat burning, dark liquid that had become his best friend. And also the thing that had ran his only reason for living away from him. Angie had left him damn near six weeks ago and had yet to call and check in.

No, scratch that. She called and checked in, she just hadn’t called him. She just stopped caring about him, but he couldn’t really blame her for that. He screwed up and had screwed up big time. As if lying to her for several months about their child hadn’t been bad enough, he made it worse by blaming her for the death. “I blamed her for the death of the ba… of Ellie,” he mumbled, throwing the liquid back once more and after slamming the glass on the coffee table.

“Jesse, I’m… I’m sorry you feel that way… And if me being around is a constant reminder of Ell… of what you are blaming me for… Let me help relieve your stress.”

Those were the last words Angie had spoken to him. That was the last time he had seen her. “Jesse, you really up and done it this time,” he sighed, grasping onto the coffee table and crawling to his knees and after several minutes of catching his bearings, he came to his feet. Unsteadily, but he was up and that was saying a lot considering he hadn’t really moved from that spot in quite sometime. “I gotta,” he cried as he stumbled over to the kitchen table and grabbed the envelope and removed the contents. “Baby, I gotta get you back… I need you,” he slurred. “Damnit, Angela! I need you!” He yelled, tearing the papers in half and throwing them down. “I’m not letting you go… I’m not. Baby, I can’t… This is… Baby, this is forever,” he vowed.


Hours had passed since Jesse made up in his mind that he wasn’t going let this keep going on. He was going to find his wife and he was going to make it up to her. Even if it was the very last thing he did.

After stumbling to the back to get a quick or more like a long shower, because being steady was nowhere near what Jesse could do, he threw on some clothes. Whether they were clean or dirty, he wasn’t a hundred percent sure. Anyway, after getting dressed Jesse started making his way back to the front and at the same time a loud banging vibrated throughout the loft, leading him to jump. “What the hell?” He mumbled, going over and leaving the chain on slowly opening it. “Yea?” He asked gruffly.

“Mr. Hubbard, it’s the landlord, Stacey,” the visitor announced. “And Officer Monroe,” she added.

“I’m uh… I’m busy,” he replied, clearing his throat and trying to sound as sober as he possibly could. Though he hadn’t had a drink in a couple of hours he was still feeling the effects. “Can we do this another time?”

“Actually, Mr. Hubbard, no we can’t,” Stacey responded. “This is a very important matter.”

Sighing heavily, Jesse gestured for her to step back and soon closed the door. Why did they have to bother him? Number one he wasn’t in the mood for this, whatever the hell it was and number two, he had something very business to take care of. He had to track his wife down. Taking the chain off, Jesse proceeded to open the door. “Yes, Ms. Stacey. What can I do for you?” he asked, keeping his body angled nearly perfectly to keep them from seeing inside.

“Mr. Hubbard, do you realize that you’re 3weeks late with the rent?” She asked. “I’ve let it slide because of the… unfortunate situation, but I can no longer look the other way.”

Sh*t! Jesse thought. “Can you uh… Give me another week. It’s been pretty rough around here and I… One more week?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Hubbard,” she said softly. “As much as I would love to give you another week to come up with the rent as well as the late fee because I know you’re good for it, I just can’t. And among that, we have been receiving complaints of foul smells and loud noises, coming from your unit.”

“That’s nothing. I can… I can keep it down. I promise. I’ll clean up. Just please give me one more week,” he pleaded, unintentionally letting the door open. “I swear, I can get the rent and the late charges and get this place cleaned up. Just please one more week. One more week.”

Stacey caught sight of the unit and gasp. “Mr. Hubbard, I’m sorry but we can’t allow it. You have the rest of this week to move your things and get out,” Stacey informed him more forcefully.

Jesse took his attention off the short, angry woman and looked up at his old buddy. “Marcus, man, come on. I’m good for it. Please, man, come on.”

Shaking his head and holding his own, Marcus began, “I’m sorry Jesse, but you have to leave.”

“Marcus! Stacey!”

“Jesse, don’t make me escort you out of here. Please, I don’t want it to come down to that,” Marcus pleaded with his old boss and friend. “I’m sorry, really.”

Slapping his forehead, Jesse growled. “Everybody’s sorry! Every damn body is so damn sorry! If you’re so damn sorry why don’t you just give me this, damnit! My child is dead, my wife left me and I…”

“Well, had you done right you wouldn’t be in this mess,” Stacey hinted, letting him know that she was one of the many in all of Pine Valley who didn’t give a hot damn about Jesse and what he was feeling. “You have exactly 3 days, starting today, to vacate this unit, after which I will have no choice but to have you escorted out of here,” she finished and soon after turned on her heels and walked away, leaving Marcus alone with Jesse who was now seething.


“Leave!” Jesse snapped. “I have some packing to do,” he spat and with that stepped back and slammed the door, after which he leaned against it and did something he tried his hardest to not do. He slid down the door with his knees drawn into his chest and broke down!

A/N: Rut Rho!!! What is he going to do?!?


4 responses to “Part. 17

  1. Omg…this is so sad. This needs to be on tv. As mad as I am at Jesse I don’t want this for him, I have mixed feeling I want him to suffer but then I don’t. This is too good, well at least he know’s a little bit of what Angie is going through. Aww poor thing. 😦 Amazing looking forward to the next part, you have once again outdone yourself. Aplause, clapping, crying you name it. Wonderful job!!! :):):)

  2. Gonna to go facebook on you for a minute… I want to like this post a thousand times! Thank you and I am so glad you’re enjoying it!

  3. Wow That was wonderful, to bad that he is about to be homeless, I know Angie is going to be beyond pissed off when she finds out that the condo she paid for is gone but she would have no right to be cuz she just up and left, I know she was pissed off and angry with Jesse but she should have made sure her affairs were in other after she got settled at her mother’s house, I know most of you are going to be alil uneasy with my comment but that is how I feel about the house situation, and that heffa Stacey the nerve of her it was not her place to say anything about his personal life and she was very unprofessional she should have just came and said what she had to say to him about the rent and the apartment and left it like that he should file a complaint on her. can’t wait for the next update and the sequel to tsbm.

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