Part. 19

Elsewhere, days later!

“Mookie, honey, we need to talk,” Carla said when her only son walked into the kitchen and started fixing himself a bowl of cereal.

“What’s up?” He asked.

“It’s about your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend. Dang, ma, how many time I gotta tell you.”

“She’s living here, sleeping in the same bed as you are, I know dog on well you up having sex… So if she’s not your girlfriend, what is she?”

Mookie shrugged. “She’s my… my baby mama who I occasionally like to freak,” he said all nonchalant.

Cutting her eyes, Carla sighed with disgust. “Whatever she is or isn’t, I will not continue taking care of her,” she complained. When they were granted full custody of Lucy several months ago, she hadn’t thought the little brat would have been around long. To be honest she hadn’t wanted the child to come and live with them. “The baby is more than enough. I didn’t sign up to take care of a grown ass woman too.”

When Mookie found out about Maya having his child, he came home to them crying and whining. Carla tried to make him understand he didn’t need to take care of anything. She tried to convince him that the baby was better off with the other family, instead of with them. She tried to plead the case of a woman who cared about the baby and not uprooting her, but in reality she just wasn’t in the mood for it. Number one she was way too young to be somebody’s grandmother and number two, her son was old enough to care and look after himself. The last thing she needed or wanted was for another person to come in and ruin her carefree life. But her husband, being the sweet hearted jackass that he was, said they needed to get the baby back. It was their flesh and blood and he wouldn’t allow some other damn family to care for it.

With all of that being said and even more tears coming from their son, Carla had been ordered to go to the family and get the baby. But one thing led to another and they soon found themselves in court, fighting for full custody. “Why? Xavier, why are we doing this?” She scoffed after one of the many court sessions.

“Because that is my grandchild and I will not have some family who can’t have their own damn child taking care of what’s mine!” He had fussed.

“So you’re going to take care of her?” She asked, giving him a look and pouring herself another glass of expensive wine. “That’s a first.”

“No, you’re going to take care of her,” he spat, throwing her an evil glare.

“What?! Why?! I didn’t ask you for this. I didn’t ask you for a damn thing!” She fussed.

Xavier soon came to stand in front of her. “Because that is your job,” was all he said.

Mookie ate a few spoonful’s of cereal before sighing. “Yea, I know. And besides I already talked to her about that. Told her she had to do something to get up outta here,” he said. “She talking about she wanna go back to school or some other ish.”

Carla’s eyes flew up and her mouth fell open. “And just who in the hell is going to pay for her to go to school?” She asked. “Sure as hell won’t be me. The only person I’m supporting in this house is you and that baby. Which by the way I’m getting sick of,” she hissed. “All the brat does is cry all night and day and it’s getting on my nerves.”

“So, why you brought her here?” Mookie snapped.

Slamming her hand down on the table, Carla snapped back, “Don’t get smart!” Straightening her shoulder and regaining her composure, Carla came to her feet and headed over to the sink. “Besides, you’re the one that came to us crying and whining about how some skank had your baby and just let some family take her. You came to us!”

“I never said I wanted her,” Mookie hissed.

It took everything in Carla to not charge over to her idiotic son and grab his scrawny, newly tattooed neck. “You begged us,” she reminded. “You begged me and your father to get your daughter back and because you’re our son, we did just that.” Even though I didn’t really want too.

“Well, I don’t want her now. She’s stopping me from doing my thing. Both of them are stopping me.”

“Well,” she mocked. “You shouldn’t have knocked her up. Your father has stressed to you how important it is for you to take precautions and that child upstairs was one of the biggest reasons why!” She continued to fuss.

“Whatever,” Mookie sighed, pushing his chair back and all but storming out.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done.”

“Well I am!” He yelled.

Taken back by his outburst, Carla dramatically grasped the edges of the counter-top. “You just wait until your father gets home!” She fussed back. This was her go to line. No matter how much or how bad Mookie disrespected her, instead of dealing with him herself she let his father do it. Because, if you let her husband tell it, it was a man’s job to check the children and it was just the woman’s job to take care of home. He had beaten this into her head since the beginning of their marriage and it had stuck with her. While they were in the 21st century, she and her husband were still in the century where what the man says goes and what the woman say didn’t matter.

“Maya!” Mookie called, completely ignoring his mother. He didn’t fear his father one bit, because he knew he wasn’t going to do anything. Wasn’t going to say anything. He never did. “Get the baby and let’s go!”

“Where we going?” Maya called back down.

“Don’t ask no question! Just bring ya ass down here and let’s go,” he snapped.

Wanting badly to say something, but knowing it was best if she didn’t, Maya backed away from the balcony and went about getting her and Lucy ready. “Come on baby. Daddy’s taking us out,” she cooed.

“Jee!” She yelped, in her baby brain thinking it was her other daddy. The good and funny daddy she’d loved so much and not the other person who didn’t like her. She could feel it.


Angie stared at the person that sat in the chair across from her and sighed. Today was the day of she and Stevie’s 3rd session. The first two were just them talking and getting to know each other on a patient and doctor bases as well as a friend helping a friend base. Also, during the first two sessions, Patricia and Jeffery had been in attendance, because just like Angie had to get to know Stevie and vice versa, Pat needed to get to her as well. And they also needed to be clear on a few things that would happen during her healing process. Because they would be digging up a lot of Angie’s old problems from the past as well as in the present, both Pat and Jeff needed to be aware of a lot of things. Example, Angie’s actions, her emotions and so on and so forth.

“Where do we start?” Angie asked, breaking the silence. The session had started barely 5mintues ago, but to her it had felt like it had been an eternity. Although she had all the support anybody could ask for, she was nervous and scared as hell. She was no expert in physiatrist work, but she knew how deep and how hard things could get.

Stevie cleared her throat and looked away. “With the root of your problems,” Stevie said.

“I told you before; I really don’t know where it all begins.” And if she had, as much as she wanted the help, Stevie wouldn’t have been needed. She would have taken the problem out of the equation.

“Well, I do… Your problem begins with and ends with Jesse,” she said.

Angie gave her a questioning look. That was something new!

“Hear me out,” Stevie started, as she slid to the edge of her seat and clasped her hands together. “From what you shared with me, you had been doing just fine before he came back into the picture,” she continued. “Now, I’m not saying him coming back to you was a bad thing; no I truly believe it was a wonderful thing. Just from what you shared with me, I believe it was nothing short of a miracle,” she explained, before Angie had a chance to take what she said the wrong way. “It’s obvious that while you may have remarried and lived your life without him for 20years, your heart never let go of him. You never fell out of love with him. So no, him coming home isn’t the problem. The problem is how he came home and the point of your relationship where you just depressed the pause button and pressed play.”

“That’s not possible,” Angie defended. “Jesse and I are way different people than we were before. We… We were kids. There’s no way we could have picked up where we left off. If that’s where you’re getting at.”

“Not physically and completely mentally, but emotionally,” she clarified. “You and Jesse picked up where you left off as far as your emotions go. And I know you would agree with me when I say that when he came back, you acted on said emotions. Everything that has happened between you and Jesse, everything that you have done, has been an action of your emotions. You always thought with your heart.”

Angie dropped her head. “And what’s wrong with that?” Though, now that it was said aloud and by somebody other than her, she already knew the answer.

“You said it yourself, you’re completely different people than you were before. You’re not young kids in love anymore. The love in your hearts remains the same, maybe even stronger, you both are undoubtedly connected through your emotions. But that’s it and that’s what’s wrong.”

Okay, now she was confused. “No… Jesse and I are connected in more ways than our emotions,” she defended. While she may have had hate in her heart for him, deep down there was still love for him. He was her first love, her first everything and you never really fall out of love with your first everything. At least she couldn’t and probably wouldn’t. Once Angie had something or somebody in her grasp she wasn’t going to willingly let them go, not without a fight.

“No, you’re not. You and Jesse were kids when you first got together. You may have been a bit mature for your age, but you were still kids. And when Jesse returned, the kid in him and the kid in you resurfaced…”

“And you’re saying that basically, we’ve been thinking with our kiddie like minds.”

“Not fully. Somewhere between then and now the adult you resurfaced. But majority of the time, when Jesse did anything or said anything that most women would have not settled for, it was the kiddie you that made the decisions. It was the kiddie you that constantly let things go, instead of handling it like the grown, mature and respectful woman that you are,” Stevie explained. To say she herself was worried was an understatement. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able get out the words to help Angie Was afraid she wouldn’t have even been able to start.

“And I think you know why,” Stevie concluded.

Turning her head away from Stevie, she slowly closed her eyes. Damn, she thought. She was good. And for Jeffery to say that she hadn’t seen any patients in a couple of years all seemed like it was just a lie. She didn’t know why, but… Hell! The same things Angie’s gut had been trying to get through to her for so many years, this woman had said it, summarized it and all in only a few minutes.

“Angie?” Stevie called softly. “Why do you think that is?” She asked again, after several minutes passed and no words had been spoken.

“Because,” Angie sighed. “I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Stevie wanted Angie to say it. Acknowledge it.

Angie dropped her head and covered her eyes with her hands before she answered. “Losing him… losing myself,” she whispered.

“And?” Stevie pressed.

Biting back the wave of emotions that was threatening to spill out, Angie gulped. “I ended up… ended up… losing anyway,” she finished. “Losing everything,” she whimpered.

A/N: I’m not shrink, never been to one so if this isn’t what shrinks do, I do apologize. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! There is still a lot more too come. A lot of revelations! Please let me know what you all think. Let me know what you all think will happen in the next installment of “This is Forever” Also is anybody else hating Vanessa? I can’t stand the witch… But the character spoke to me and I couldn’t ignore it.

PS: I know Lucy is starting to talking, I’ve forgotten the age limit, so therefore I’m aging her just a bit. Old enough to know and say certain things.


3 responses to “Part. 19

  1. That was awesome loved it. Except the father he’s an asshole and the mother is a selfish bitch there I said it.
    Now mookie he’s a selfish bastard thinking of him self only he don’t need to be a father to Lucy. I see she still remembers the hubbards I say let her express her love for them everytime someone mention daddy and mommy especially mookie and his parents to lucy let her answer be angie and jesse I say they will get tired of hearing about the hubbards and they just might give her back.

  2. This was really good as well. I liked that we got see what’s going on with Maya and Mookie and Little Lucy, its sad that Vanessa, Mookie’s mom doesn’t want them around and how she lets her husband make all the decisions and shut her up like she’s not capable of thinking on her own. Like that Angie is getting help from Stevie and learning things about herself that she already knew but just didn’t quite want to admit yet. I want nothing for the best for her, and just maybe Lucy will be brought back to the Hubbard family, where she belongs, that would be nice. Great job as always!

    • There was a typo… The mother’s name was supposed to be Carla. I honestly don’t know where Vanessa came from. LOL! Sorry!

      It is sad for that be going on, especially in the days we are all living in. But I wanted to share just how different this family was from the Hubbard family.

      You know Angie is so darn stubborn. LOL! But yes, finally she is getting some help, some sort of guidance. Keep fingers crossed that Lucy will be returned. Thank you much!!

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