Part. 22

Storming into the apartment, Frankie set his sights on the man that had the nerve to stand so boldly in his kitchen and cook. “Do you really think what you’re doing is going to work?” He asked, throwing his things down. “Do you?!”

“What are you talking about?” Jesse asked never turning around, just continuing to cook dinner. Because he wasn’t financially in the place to help out, he instead cooked dinner and worked to keep the place clean. “Do I think what is gonna work?”

“What you’re doing,” he stated. “Refusing to sign the divorce papers? Making mom come back home when you know full well she doesn’t want too!” He fussed.

This time Jesse turned and fixed his eyes on a seething Frankie. “How do you know about that?” He asked. Jackson was the only person that knew about him refusing to sign the papers and he knew there was supposed to be something in place to keep his and Angie’s business confidential.

“She told me,” Frankie fussed.

He’d been on a lunch break when his phone rang and a private ID popped up. He thought about letting it go the voicemail, but because he remembered the conversation he had with his mother, he thought better. She told him that she would think about calling him and if she did actually call, to be on the watch out for unknown number, because she couldn’t chance Jesse finding out where she was. Just in case he had the phones tapped. Anyway, he picked it up just before the voicemail picked it up and thankfully he did because it was none other than his distraught mother.

“You’re talking to her?” Jesse fussed back, coming around to stand in front of Frankie. “You’ve been talking to her and haven’t said anything to me? How could you, Frankie?” He asked, balling up his fist in anger but not having the want to hit him. He was just angry. “You know I’ve been busting my butt trying to get in touch with her and this whole time you’ve been talking to her. Frankie, what kind of mess it that!”

“You don’t deserve to talk to her. After the mess you made, talking to you is the very last thing she wanted to do. Seeing you is the last thing she wants to do. You don’t get to stand there and say a damn thing to me about why I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing.”

“I can and I will!” Jesse yelled. “I am your father and she is my wife. If anybody deserves to talk to her, it’s me.”

“You’re full of shit you know that?” Frankie hissed. “You messed up her life and you think you deserve to talk to her? If that’s the case then you’re really screwed in the head. Leave her alone! Give her what she wants and let her move on with her life,” he spat. “Give her some damn peace!”

Jesse shook his head. “I’m trying too.”

“How are you trying too?” Frankie asked, crossing his arms. “Enlighten me oh great one,” he mocked.

“By making this right,” Jesse replied. “I’m trying to give her peace and understanding, by cleaning up this mess I made. I’m trying to give her the peace she needs by making all my wrongs, right.” He explained.

Frankie smirked. “There’s not enough cleaning in this entire world for you to get rid of this mess,” he hinted, later pushing past him. “I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but everything isn’t always about you. The sun doesn’t revolve and set on your ass.”


Elsewhere, Maya stood in the middle of the bathroom and stared at her naked of clothing, but covered in red and purple marks on her upper body. From the start her day had not been a good one. When she woke that morning she woke to an uncontrollable Lucy who had a fever of 99.8. After begging Mookie to take them to doctor and having been dropped off at the door, she was left to care for the baby on her own. Not that it was a complaint because more than anything she loved her daughter; it was just that she had been left there with absolutely nothing. After getting Lucy checked out and leaving the hospital before they had a chance to charge her with anything, Maya caught the bus and rode it as close as she could back to Mookie’s house. When she walked in she noticed that he and some of his boys were sitting in the game room having drinks and playing the game.

“Mookie, I have class in a hour, can you watch Lucy for me?” She asked, interrupting him in the middle of his game.

“Take her with you,” Mookie spat, never looking at her.

“I can’t take her to class with me, Mookie,” she hissed. “Can you just take care of her for me until I get back?”


Maya scoffed and slapped a hand against her sweat pant covered legs. “Because she’s your damn child, that’s why! I shouldn’t have to ask you to watch your child!” She fussed, though not meaning too. It was just she couldn’t take it anymore. She couldn’t hold her frustration in anymore when it came to Mookie and the way he and his parents treated her. The way they treated Lucy!

“What’d you just say to me?” Mookie asked and after pausing the game and put the wireless controller down and came to his feet.

Slowly Maya began to back away. “I… I I I… I’m… Nothing,” she stammered, backing into the door she closed on her way in.

“No, tell me what you just said,” he ordered, closing the distance between them and glaring down at her with blazing eyes.

She gulped. She gulped three times before she had the sense to duck around him in an attempt to get away from him, but was caught by the arm and jerked back. “I’m sorry,” she cried, fearfully staring into his eyes.

“Oh you will be,” he whispered, snatching the door open. “Keep playing, I’ll be back,” he told his friends before pulling her behind him and later slamming the door closed. “Where’s the kid?” he asked.

“In the room, sleeping,” she replied.

Mookie nodded and started in another direction.

That was over an hour ago and she was still in a state of shock. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t hit on her before. She was use to it, but this time… This time when he dragged her into his father’s study it was worse. This time he put more of his weight into his punches, slaps and kicks. This time he truly made her sorry.

“What am I going to do,” she cried as she looked over her body once more and then came face to face with the inner demon that continued to tell her to leave but she constantly ignored. “I have no family. I have no money… I have no place else to go.”

“Maaaaama!” Lucy screamed from the adjoining bedroom.

Maya flinched and looked over her shoulder at the closed door that led to the screaming baby. As if taking a beating wasn’t enough, she had to hear her daughter cry out for a mother that just wasn’t her. She had to listen to her scream for a woman who wasn’t around and probably no longer wanted anything to do with them.

“What am I going to do?”


“Have you decided?” Pat asked as she entered Angie’s room several hours after her session.

Angie picked her head up and looked over. “I don’t want to do it, but… I’m going to,” she replied. “Stevie was right… The only way I’m going to deal with my problems is to face them. And at this moment Jesse is the problem and as much as seeing him will affect me, it’s something I have to do,” she sighed, looking back out the window but staring at nothing but the night’s starry sky. It was a sight she’d come to enjoy. It was a sight she was thankful she could witness.

“And it’s something we’ll do together. We can leave out this weekend, if you want?”

“This weekend is fine. I’ll call Jackson and let him know we’re coming.”

“Alright. Well, if you need anything I’ll be down the hall.”

… “Ma… Thank you.”


3 responses to “Part. 22

  1. Wonderful as always and so real, I can so picture this, it really should be on the big screen and acted out. Loved everything about this part from Frankie and Jesse to Maya and Mookie to Angie telling Pat she’s gonna go back and face Jesse. I know the next part is gonna be even better, looking forward to it. Keep it up!!!

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