Part. 25

The big day had arrived and Jesse was not ready. He thought he had it all planned out to a T, but as he stepped onto the elevator, he began to unravel at the seams. He plans now seemed like crap. “I can’t lose my wife. I can’t lose my wife,” he chanted to himself as the elevator came to a stop and doors slowly slid open.

As he stepped off the elevator Jesse’s heart came to complete stop and then started again. “Come on man,” he groaned, getting himself together and soon after resuming his journey to Jackson’s office. He never it would have come down to this. He never thought he and Angie… Well not him, just Angie. He never thought Angie would just give up on them like this. He screwed up and he screwed up big time, but he and Angie always fought for their love. Their love always prevailed!

Rounding the corner that would lead him to Jackson, a scent that made every fiber in his body jump and shout slapped him dead in the face. It was the warm scent of vanilla, with a hint of freshly picked cherries. “Damn,” he mumbled just as he looked up and stared at the back of a curvy woman who was wearing what he believed was a trench coat due to the cool weather outside and a pair of black pumps. Almost like she knew he was watching her intently, she turned and it was then Jesse began to stare into the eyes of a true angel. “Angela?” He questioned. He knew it was her, but he was just shocked that he was seeing her again after so long.

While she had picked up a few pounds, she still looked the same… Well maybe not so much. As he continued to drink in her beauty he took in the change of her hair, while it being straightened out and dark brown wasn’t out of the norm, the added color and length had his mind spinning. She still looked like Angie, but there was a touch of spice added to her that was never there. She looked not only sophisticated, like always, but she was one hot momma! She was a brick house and then some! “Angie,” he started as he began to close the distance between them. “Baby, you’re here,” he finished, reaching to hug her only to have her jerk away and turn as if he didn’t exist. “Angela,” he called softly.

Tad who was with her but sitting on one of the benches quickly looked away and began to shiver. He knew the reunion wasn’t going to be anywhere near as hot as it was before, but he didn’t think it would be Titanic hitting the iceberg cold!

“Angie,” Jackson started as he stepped out into the hallway and was too hit with the stinging pain of the cold air between the pair. He buried the urge to shudder and go into hiding. Come on man, this is the only shot, he thought. “Hey Jesse… We’re ready for you,” he stated, gesturing for the trio to enter the conference room.

Nodding, Angie picked up her purse and led the way inside. She knew Jesse was going to be present today, but she had hoped he’d be running late. She’d hoped by the time he had gotten there the papers would have been signed and she would have been long gone from this place.

“Mrs. Hubbard?” A young man questioned as he stood, buttoned his suit coat and extended his hand. “Good Afternoon, I’m Cordell Lowes, Mr. Hubbard’s attorney,” he greeted.

“Hello,” she greeted politely as she shook his hand and soon after shrugged out of her coat, revealing her outfit. “It’s nice to meet you and please honey, call me Angie.”

“Okay… Angie,” he repeated as he subtly took her in. Under the coat had been a simple outfit on another woman, but on her it was elegant and sophisticated and… Damn sexy, he thought. Angie wore a royal blue belted silk shirt, a body hugging khaki pin-skirt that hit right at the knees and a pair of tall, black, peep toe pumps. “Please, please, have a seat,” he gestured, pulling out a chair and waiting until she was comfortable before pushing it back in. Cordell had always known who Angie was, had saw her on TV, in the newspapers and in a couple of magazines over the years, but never had the opportunity to lay eyes on her personally. And boy if he didn’t have an ounce of dignity or manhood he would jump ship with Jesse and join her team in more ways than one. She was absolutely gorgeous.

After several minutes and once everybody was seated, Jackson took the floor. “Today we are here to sign a petition to release Mr. Jesse Hubbard and Mrs. Angela Hubbard from their marriage. Mrs. Hubbard sought out a divorce a couple months ago, but has not until just recently filed it with myself and the courts. Mr. Hubbard has refused to sign the papers stating he was not given the proper notice and he is just unwilling to leave the marriage,” Jackson explained, though he knew everybody in attendance knew why they were there this was just a formality as well as for the recorder in the center of the table. “If what I said here today is correct, everybody present please say I agree.”

All five took turns saying their names and I agree. “Alright,” Jackson yelped. “Let’s get started. First we do need to cover the basis because the divorce was filed with both parties being in separate places. Angie, when filing this divorce were you of sound mind and body? Were you at all forced by any outside party to do this?”

As sound as one could be after burying their daughter and having another snatched from your arms, sure why not! “Yes, I was of sound mind and body. And I was not forced by anybody or anything.”

“Can you state why you’re seeking divorce now after holding onto the paper work for several months before?” Cordell asked.

Angie looked over at him as he sat next to Jesse. “I can,” she started. “I am now seeking termination of this marriage because of the lies I was told by my husband. For months I was led to believe that the child I cared for, that I loved was not mine and the child I thought she was had died the exact same night she was born.”

“You said you were led to believe, how can one make you believe that? Did you not see that she was not your child?”

The room suddenly fell quiet. It was so quiet a pin needle could have been heard as it fell onto the carpet. “Why would you ask her that?” Jesse fussed. “She was blind at the time. I told you! Hell everybody knew!”

Turning off the recorder, Cordell looked over. “Jesse, it’s a formality. While we do know what happened, it still needs to go on record that she was blind during the time of her pregnancy and after her delivery,” he began to explain, before looking over to Angie. “I’m not trying to poke fun or be an ass, it’s my job. Mrs. Hubbard, please tell me you understand?” After getting a nod from Angie and then another one from Jesse he turned back on the machine. “Mrs. Hubbard,” Cordell continued. “My earlier question?”

Sighing, Angie dropped her head and began to play with the face of her watch. “Before I became pregnant I contracted an infectious disease called endophthalmitis, which is inflammation of the internal coats of the eye. It can cause temporary or permanent blindness depending on the recipient and the treatment actions taken. I began seeking treatment but I later found out I was pregnant and because the treatment was not safe for the baby, I chose to stop taking them. Several weeks into my pregnancy and several months after my delivery, I was legally blind.”

“How many months after delivery did your sight return?”

“About 6-7 months after. But it wasn’t until a full month later was I medically and legally cleared.”

Nodding and also jotting down a summarized version of what she shared, Cordell looked aback up. “Can you tell me why you’re ready to go through with the divorce now as opposed to when you first sought out the papers months ago?”

“At the time I sought out papers, I was not 100% sure that this was the direction I wanted to go. I did not think I would really and truly consider going through with this.”

“So why now? What’s happened that you’ve decided that this was a must? That this marriage was it?”

Taking a chance, Angie glanced over at Jesse. “I’m tired. I’m… I’m hurt and I’m weak and I can no longer fight for a marriage where I’m the only one that cares. I need to heal. I need to move on.”

“So nothing happened that led you to push this through?”

“No,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, what did you say? I didn’t catch that.”

“I said no,” she replied, a tad bit louder.

“Well according to my client as well as some footage I was shown, something occurred one night. In fact that night before you left Pine Valley and two nights before you called Jackson and told him to go ahead with the divorce papers. So again I ask nothing happened that led you to push this through?”

Dropping her head, Angie closed her eyes. She knew there was a chance they would bring up what happened that night, but she didn’t think it was going to affect her in the way it did. She didn’t think her heart would bang against her chest and sweat would pour from her hands. “Maybe, but I was making my decision even before that night transpired.”

“Are you sure about that? Because I have records here stating that you were close to having Jackson get rid of those files.”

“What?” Angie and Jackson yelped. “Where did that come from?” Jackson asked, looking through his own file and also replaying every conversation he and Angie had in his head. He couldn’t recall Angie ever saying such a thing.

Cordell looked down at his paperwork and read through until he came across a name. “A Mrs. Randi Hubbard,” he called out. “She said that you were close to having him get rid of the papers and going to chance working it out with Mr. Hubbard.”

“I didn’t… What? I didn’t tell her that!”

“She wouldn’t lie,” Jesse defended, having heard the same thing from Randi.

“Oh really?! A born again hooker wouldn’t lie?” She fussed and after several passing a moments a thought hit her. “You put her up to that? You told her to say that to him so he can put it on record? Didn’t you?!”

“Please, give me more credit than that.”

“You are so full of it Jesse Hubbard,” she hissed.

Tad took this moment to step in. “Maybe we should do this another time,” he suggested. “Or at the very least take a small break.” The room had turned from freezing cold to downright ice cold.

“At the very least,” Jesse mocked. “My best friend should have let me know he was in contact with my wife. A phone call or something, damn man!” Jesse fussed.

“Actually, I—“

“I wouldn’t be here or your damn wife had you just stopped being such a damn child and signed the damn papers like I asked,” Angie interjected. “And at the very least Jesse Hubbard you owe me this! You owe me the right to do what I want!”

“Let you? Let you?” Jesse bellowed coming to his feet as offense was taken by the way she snapped at him. What she said and how she said it made it seem like he ran her, controlled her, and owned her even! “You’re a grown woman, Angie. My permission is never needed. If you want to do something, by all means Angela, do it! I’ve never stopped you! Never!”

“Really?” She asked, looking up at him and soon after coming to her feet. “I want a divorce and I want it now!”

“Angela, yo—“

“No! I can have anything I want, I can do whatever I want without any permission from you, right? So I want my divorced, Jesse Hubbard. I want it.”

“You don’t mean that, Angie.”

Angie shook her head. “I mean that just as much as I mean what I’m going to say,” she started, snatching off the kid gloves and dealing with Jesse like the man he suddenly wanted to be. “You should have left the same day you returned.”

“Wait a minute,” Jesse started, he too taking off the kid gloves. “You asked me! I told you I wanted to leave, that I needed to leave, but you begged me to stay. Don’t get that part twisted Angela Hubbard. You asked me!”

“Well now I’m un-asking you! Jesse I don’t want you around anymore. I’m sick and tired of the games you play.”

And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jesse reared his head back and smirked. “Games?” He asked. “I don’t play games with you Angie and you know it,” he defended. “I may have no always been God like truthful, I may have went about protecting you the wrong way, but I have never…”

“Jesse, y—”

Jesse shook his head. “You did all your talking when you wrote those letters. It’s my turn now! For months I have been skirting around the issue, being gentle and loving. For weeks I allowed you to toy with me while you were away in only God knows where. For weeks I have allowed you the time you needed to heal or began to heal. I was patient, but you know what? It’s my turn now.”

A/N: Dun! Dun!! DUUUUN!!!! Uh-oh! Is it about to go down? Did ‘Ish’ just get real?!?!

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