Part. 7

“Let me get this. You go on inside and put your feet up,” Jeffery suggested, gently taking the luggage bag from Angie’s grasps.

“I can’t ask you to do that,” Angie replied, putting her hand on it.


Angie’s back stiffened as her heart began to hammer against her chest. “Don’t call me that… Please,” she said softly.

“Angela, what’s wrong?” Patricia asked when she came around the truck and saw her eyes closed tightly and her head hanging. “Angela?”

“Please, stop saying that!” Angie yelped, covering her ears.

“I love you Angela! Please Angela forgive me. Please forgive me.” Jesse begged as Angie pushed him into the wall and stormed out the loft. “Angela!” He called after her.

“Baby girl,” Patricia questioned softly, reaching for her shoulder only to have her flinch and look up. Tears began to stream from her eyes. “Oh my god… Baby,” she sighed, pulling her into her arms and holding her close. “It’s okay honey. Mommy’s right here. And she isn’t going anywhere. I promise you.”

Angie pulled back and looked at her. “Don’t promise me anything. I can’t take anymore broken promises. I can’t do it!” She cried, shaking her head.

Patricia took hold of her baby’s chin and fixed her with a look. “Nobody is going to break anything around here. Baby, my promise to you is solid. It’s unbreakable. Trust me.”

“I don’t’ know how to trust anymore,” Angie continued to cry.

“What did Jacob do to you baby?” Patricia.

Guiltily looking away Angie took a deep breath. “Jacob did nothing… It was Jesse,” she sighed.

“What?” Jeffery and Pat asked in unison.

“I thought he died like 20 something years ago,” Jeffery hinted, knowing he hadn’t misunderstood Patricia when she told him years ago that her only daughters husband had been shot in the line of duty and died in the hospital not long after.

Still not looking at her mother or her step-father Angie sighed. Because of the fight she and her mother had ten years ago, they hadn’t spoken a word since. Angie didn’t know that Jeffery and Pat had finally tied the knot until last night when they talked. And Pat still didn’t know that within the last 3-4 years Jesse had returned, they remarried and just recently had a baby who… At the very thought of what happened, a lump formed in Angie’s throat. “Jesse’s alive… And has always been. He was on the run from some man named Papal and… Honestly, right now I wish he would have stayed gone.”

“Jesse’s alive?” Patricia asked. “Meaning, alive as in breathing, kicking, walking the face of this earth alive?”

“Unless you know another version of alive… Then yes.”

“How long have you known about this? What… Honey, I…” Patricia sputtered still in shock to hear that Jesse, her first son in law who was supposed to be dead was now alive and had… Hurt her baby. When they spoke the night before, Angie never said what the real problem was, just said she needed to leave PV and needed to leave before she did something she would later regret.“What did he do to you?”

Angie dropped her head. “Momma, there is so much I have to tell you and… I am. I swear I’m going to tell you, but right now I’m just not ready. I wouldn’t even know where to start,” she spoke softly.

Seeing that his wife of nine years was speechless, Jeffery stepped up and placed a gentle hand on Angie’s shoulder. “Whenever you’re ready, your mother and even myself, we’re here for you. Okay?”

It took Angie a minute but when she finally raised her head and looked up at Jeffery, she nodded. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you so much. And I promise I’m not going to be here for long I know you want your privacy and I’ll be out in a few weeks, a month tops,” she rambled.

Jeffery chuckled as he shook his head and shushed her. “You can stay here for as long as you need. Mi casa e Su Casa… Now speaking of our casa, how about we get inside. Put your bags down, show you the house and let you rest. Sound alright?”

“Yea. How about that baby?” Pat finally asked. She was nowhere near over the shock. “I can whip up something for you to eat.”

Angie mustered up as big of a smile as she could considering the pain she was in and nodded. “That sounds good,” she whispered. “Except you cooking me anything. I don’t want you going out of your way. I’ll be fine.”

“Well technically sweetheart,” Pat started softly, “It wouldn’t be out of my way. We have to eat as well.” And with that she winked.

Chuckling, Jeffery raised his hand to stop both women from saying anything else. “You gals go on inside, I’ll get the bags,” Jeffery ordered and cut Angie a look when she sighed. “Inside. I got this. I may be old, but I’m not incapable or weak. Get!”


Leaning against his door, David looked up at the man responsible for his bloody nose and lip and snarled. “What the hell is your problem!?” He growled, coming to his feet and refusing to succumb to the dizziness.

“Where is she?”

“Jesse, have you finally lost your damn mind?”

“Where the hell is my wife? And David please don’t screw with me. I am not in the mood to deal with your bull today,” Jesse continued to fuss as he let himself into the man’s house and went to the living room.

David groaned. “Where the hell do you think you’re going? This is my damn house and you are not allowed here. And don’t you dare pull that damn officer card. When you lied about your daughter’s death you lost that right,” he quickly put out there before he had to chance to sell him some damn song and dance about being the chief and having a right to be wherever he wanted to be. “Get the hell out.”

“Not until you tell me what I need to know. Where in the hell is my wife?” Jesse asked again.

“I don’t know.”

“You’re lying! I know you were with her this morning. You were putting her things in your trunk,” Jesse said. “Now again, where is she?” He asked and soon after started to walk out the room and up the stairs. “Angela!” He called. “Angela!”

“What the hell are you doing? Where do you think you’re going?!” David called going after him.

“I’m going to get my wife. I know she’s with you.”

David scoffed and leaned against the railing of his staircase. “Either you’re deaf, dumb, stupid or still drunk. I told you I don’t know where Angie is at the moment.”

“Like I’m suppose to believe you?” Jesse questioned coming out of one of the rooms and going into another. “Angela!”

“God! You’re an idiot!” David snarled, storming up to Jesse and throwing him to the side. “Get the hell out my house!”

“Where is my wife?”

“For the umpteenth time you ass I don’t know.”

“Where did you take her?”

David shook his head. “I’m not telling you.” Now he wasn’t telling Jesse of Angie’s whereabouts just because he wanted to see the man suffer, he wasn’t saying anything because Angie made him promise to keep his mouth shut. He would be lying though if he said he wasn’t enjoying the look on the man’s face. “Now, get the hell out of my house before I call the police,” David threatened, pointing toward the staircase. “Don’t make me say it again.”

Jesse stepped dangerously close to David. “If I were you, Hayward… I would watch my back.”

“Is that a threat?” David asked, tilting his head to the side.

“Ha,” Jesse smirked. “You know me better than that. I don’t make threats… I make solid promises.” And with that Jesse turned and headed down the stairs.

“Let Angie tell it, your promises are just as solid and real as your cop career,” David spat smugly. “Oh wait! Your career is over!”

Jesse snarled and looked back up. “This isn’t over Hayward. This is far from over!”

“Oh, trust me. Just like that sorry career of yours, this is over. Now get out,” he growled.

“I’ll be back. Better believe I will be back,” Jesse bit back, before walking down the rest of the stairs and finally out of the door. Once he was back in his car Jesse dropped his head against the steering wheel and let out a shaky breath. “Angela, please,” he sighed. “Please.”


Two Hours Later

Tad eased behind Angie’s desk and started pulling out the draws, looking through any and everything that popped up in hopes of getting a clue of her whereabouts. They checked everything back at the loft and even went to check at Krystal’s. The only place they hadn’t turned upside down was her office.

“You find anything,” Dixie asked, standing by the door. Tad told her to keep watch.

“Not yet. This office doesn’t look like it’s been touched in days,” he sighed, getting up and going over to the file cabinet.

Dixie turned away from the door. “There has to be something here, Tad. There has to be,” she stressed.

“Dixie,” he sighed, looking up. “I’m looking through everything and so far… I’m not finding anything. All that’s here is papers about patients and the staff and other crap belonging to the hospital.”

“Well, maybe you’re just not looking in the right place,” she scoffed, moving from her post and going back to search the desk that Tad all but turned upside down. “We women have secret hiding spots.”

Tad grumbled and crossed his arms. “I haven’t just started doing this Dixie. I know all about hiding spots and whatnots. And I can assure you nothing’s here.”

“Yea well… I’m going to double check over here and you keep looking over there,” she ordered.

Unbeknownst to the couple, somebody was standing in the doorway watching and smirking. “You know,” the person said, opening the door fully and turning the master light on. “I can have you both arrested for trashing my office.”

Dixie and Tad’s heads popped up and frowns replaced the shocked look on their faces. “David,” Dixie hissed. “What are you doing here? And what are you talking about your office? This office belongs to Angela Hubbard.”

“See there’s where you’re wrong my Dear Dixie… I see being married Martin isn’t as cracked up as it looks. You’re just as dumb as he is.”

“Hey! Watch it!” Tad snarled, going to stand in front of his wife.

“Just stating facts. Now, will you please leave my office.”

“Once again this is not your office,” Dixie fussed.

David smirked and winked as he gestured for somebody to come in. The mystery person was none other than Joe Martin. “I’m sorry, but it is his office.”

“Pops, what are you doing here? Why are you entertaining this fool?” Tad spoke.

“Angela called me a few days ago and asked for me to come down because she wanted to talk to me about something. And if Angela hadn’t requested this I would be calling David a fool just like you are doing… Angela has been replaced as Chief of Staff and in her place is uh… Ahem… David Hayward.”

“What!?!” The couple asked in unison. “That’s crazy!” Tad fussed.

“If I hadn’t heard the words come from Angela’s lips or read the letter she had drawn up… I was think the same. But she said it and she signed over everything to him.”

“I… I don’t believe this!”

“Believe it,” David smirked.

A/N: What the deuce?!?!?!


4 responses to “Part. 7

  1. Omg…this is getting better and better, looking forward to see where this is heading, I know its gonna be good. I’m feeling a little bad for Jesse though, I know he needs to suffer a bit for all that he has put Angie through, but Angie could at least call him and let him know she’s alright. Loving Patricia and Jeffrey. Can’t wait for the next part!!!

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