Part. 8

Dixie and Tad shared an unexplainable look before turning their attention to Joe. “Is this for real?” Tad asked. “Because I know Angie and she wouldn’t place this hospital back in the hands of this sick, evil, twisted bastard! Not when she worked her ass off to take it from him,” Tad fussed.

“You mean what she blackmailed me for?” David corrected.

“My friend would never stoop to your level!” Dixie hissed, hoping David knew he was lucky that Tad was holding her back.

Snarling at his enemy all the while holding his bull of a wife behind him, Tad continued. “You have no proof of her doing something that vile! Now, dad this has to be some kind of joke.”

Joe shook his head and gestured for David to pull the contract from his briefcase. “Angela called me a couple of weeks ago telling me she wasn’t going to be returning to work anytime soon. I already knew this because everything that has happened had taken a enormous toll on her. I told her it was okay and that I completely understood and asked if she was going to have Jake take on a more permanent role, had she talked to him about it. She said no and that she didn’t want Jake to become permanent.”

“What? Why not? He ran this place just like she did. I mean giving it to him on a more permanent basis seemed like an—“

“Ideal choice, I know,” Joe finished. “But Angie said she didn’t want him. I asked who and David was her choice. Said she already had the paper work drawn up and she signed it, all left was for me to sign and the rest of the board to sign as well as David,” he said in a none to happy tone.

“But why? Did she at least give you a reason why?” Dixie asked still in disbelief.

Joe fixed his glasses on his noses as he sighed. “Despite how David got the job and how he got things done around here he was a good Chief and providing,” he raised his voice a little and turned his attention to David, “that he runs this place the same as Angie and Jake have been doing he can keep it until she returns, if she wants the job back.”

“And if she doesn’t return,” David concluded.

“What do you mean if?” Tad asked angrily.

David fixed his collar and looked toward the dim-witted pair. “Angela, said she may or may not return. If I run this place as she has instructed me to do and she chooses to not return to PV, then it will be mine until I am ready to give it up or the board sees fit to kick me out. But I have no doubt in my mind they won’t see fit.”

“Oh! We’ll just see about that you evil son of a—“

“Dixie!” Joe admonished.

That only put a small lid on her anger. “This isn’t over Hayward,” she warned, glaring.

“Oh my dear, it is. Now if you don’t mind I would appreciate it if you left my office.” David then made his way around his desk and once he was standing in front of the couple he smirked. “I guess I should say this in a way you idiots would understand… Get the hell out!”

“She’s right David, this is anything but over,” Tad warned in parting and before closing the door behind him heard his name. Sighing heavily he looked over his shoulder. “What?”

Clearing his throat, David eased into his chair. “Angie, wanted me to give you this,” he said, removing a small envelope from his pocket.

“What’s this?” Tad asked as he reached for it and slowly opened it. Once he read the contents he looked the man in the eye. “She gave you this?”

“Yes, just this morning.”

Tad eyed the note once again before nodding and turning around. “ahem… Thank you,” he muttered.

“Don’t mention it,” David warned. “Now get out.”

Once the door was closed and Tad made sure no one was near he took another look at the note.

“I couldn’t put this in this other note because then Dixie would start asking questions and then my secret would have been out… Anyway, I’m with PJ. Please, Tad, I am begging you don’t say a word to Jesse or anybody else. I know you and Dixie promised to not keep secrets, but I need to ask you to do this for me. This one time. I will call you once I get settled in. I love you Thaddeus.”

“Alright,” he muttered, tearing the paper up into small pieces and as he passed the janitor’s cart threw the pieces away. “Alright.”

“Everything alright?” Dixie asked the minute he caught up with her and his father who were waiting at the elevator.

Tad nodded. “Yea.”

“What did he want?” Joe asked, watching him closely.

“He was just being David,” he said after a minute of hesitation. “Just being David,” he repeated. “Come on, let’s go.”

I’m with PJ

As the elevator doors closed, Tad closed his eyes and let his mind revert back to a memory. A secret only he, Angie, Frankie and Jacob knew about. “Angie, you’re really going to just stop talking to her?”

“Yes!” She hissed, throwing her purse on the counter and going into her kitchen.

“But she’s your mother! You can’t disown her like yesterday’s garbage.”

Throwing back a glass of water, Angie refilled it and shook her head. “Doesn’t matter.”

Tad threw his hands up and sighed. “You’re being stubborn!”

“Tad, she insulted my husband’s memory! Right in front of my baby!”

“He’s not a baby anymore.”

“But he’s my baby,” she hissed. “Look that’s not the point! The point is she’s blaming my husband for something that was completely out of his hands. That is Frankie’s father! He doesn’t need to be hearing anything like that. Doesn’t need to hear somebody talking down on him like he was nothing, nobody.”

“Angie, she was hurting.”

Angie shook her head and braced the counter. “So hurting me in the process is the way to go?” She asked. “No it is not… And you know what, I don’t care if I never ever see her again.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“I do mean it. Now I would appreciate if we do not talk about this ever again.”

That was a couple of years while Angie was living in New York and before she returned home to Pine Valley. And as much as it killed Tad to not be able to tell his best friend Jesse that his mother in law was still alive and that Angie had run to her, he respected Angie a lot more.

I am begging you don’t say a word to Jesse or anybody else…

Dropping his head and sighing Tad closed his eyes. Your secret is safe with me, he thought.

Dixie who’d just looked over her shoulder at her husband reached over and wrapped her arm around him. “We’re going to find her. I promise you… Angie may be mad and in a bad place, but she wouldn’t stay away from Jesse and Frankie for too long. She wouldn’t stay away from you.”

“Dixie, you weren’t there. You didn’t the look on her face when he said those things,” Tad sighed.

“I saw the video.”

Tad shook his head. “No, Dixie you’d have to be there in order to really feel everything. He wasn’t even talking to me and I was hurting.”

“She loves Jesse.”

“Loved Jesse… I don’t think this is one of those situations where they can make it through as if nothing ever happened. Angie and Jesse’s love was deathless, indestructible and forever, but after the night before I’m not so sure about it anymore. Jesse didn’t only push Angie over that cliff, he pushed her into the depths of pain,” he said sadly, not telling her what was really eating him and that he knew Angie was alright. She was in great hands. Even deep down knew that someway, somehow Angie and Jesse could work through this. They worked through being separated for 20 years, they could work through anything.


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