Family In Need

Hello lovelies…

Well I come bearing some bad news. A man who was like a father to me, one of my oldest Uncles and the man of my entire family, passed away. Easter of last year he suffered 3 strokes, but he pushed past. The doctors lost all hope, but he kept fighting. He fought until the doctors finally allowed him to go home this past Wednesday. And on Saturday 4/2/2016, God called him home.

Due to this loss, I am needing to take a step back and process everything as well as prepare for a day I and nobody else in my family is ready for. Because I have kept you all waiting for so long already I will really try to return within a week or two, but if not please bear with me.

I will try though to post a few updates before my iron treatment Monday and before we prepare to head back out of town. My family and I ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Love always, Passion K!

Another Update?!? Oh my!

Hello Lovelies! I am back with another update, two actually! Chapters 6 and 7 are up and ready for your viewing pleasure. Due to the news my family have just received I am putting my focus on my writing. Anything to avoid having to accept something I do not wish too. I certainly hope you all will enjoy and please, please, let me know what you all think.

Not only do I cherish your comments, I am open to them because they are what makes me a better writer. It will help prepare me for when I get my stuff published for the rest of the world to enjoy! 

Love you all and I pray you all have a wonderful day!!!