La Chambre & Passion K Status!!!!

Okay, so if you have not already figured out, we will have both a site and a Facebook page. Why Facebook, you ask… Well, let me tell you. I know there are a lot of AnJ fans out there and some are just in hiding due to the fact that AMC is no longer around and my wish is to bring them all out and make some more friends. Who knows maybe if we get enough rallying we’ll get an independent show with our beloved couple… Hear that PTB and the amazing Agnes Nixon, I am willing to write a show just for the Hubbard’s and even the Martin’s!!! And I can’t forget about Zach!(Just Zach!) I promise you I will go above and beyond for these character if given the opportunity!!! Anyway, the group page will be around to get more people on board and just make friends. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m all about family, friends and love!

I am still doing the site, I have discussed somethings with the forum site people and I do believe we will be okay. I am also working on getting my stuff copyrighted and the more I get them in I will post on to the site. Once I have gotten back everything the site will be open… Sorry, re-opened! From the looks of it, it shouldn’t be too much longer.

What’s happening in my world? Well if you are not my friend on FB then you missed the news that I am going to be going back to school this coming September and more than half of my tuition is already paid for! Won’t God do it!

Will this affect my writing and attendance on the site? In no way shape or form.

Why? Well my class is online! As most of you know I went to school for X-Ray technology and I am working on getting re-certified. During my pregnancy I missed the crash course and the test. I have completed the course, just waiting to get the okay saying I can schedule my test day. Anyway, I am currently going back for Medical Office Specialist.

But Ro, didn’t you do front desk for awhile? Yes I did, but I never had the proper school training and I wasn’t getting the pay of a experience/trained specialist! Once I finish this course I will be trained in all things medical office.(Manager, billing and coding,record, administrative assistant and years later an administrative ) So yea, I’m going to be the Jackie(Jack) of all trades before I turn 30! I’m working towards a career that I won’t mind doing for the rest of my life (Along with getting published sometime in the future!)

What else is happening? My 10month old took her first steps the other night, one of many new mothers proudest moments! Other than that everything is going pretty good and sometime in the very near future I will come to you letting you know the site is back up and running!

Enough about me, how is everyone doing?

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